4 Underrated Attractions in Walt Disney World

4 underrated attractions disneyworld

Our Top 4 Underrated attractions

There are so many iconic attractions that are inside the  Disney Parks. Most people we talk to even have a checklist of the rides they must visit. However, with so little time in the day and the lines being what they are, there may be a few attractions that have slipped under your radar.

The following are non-negotiable must do’s for our family when we visit and they aren’t what you may be thinking.

Be sure to try these on your next visit and let us know what you think.


 4 Underrated Attractions at DisneyWorld

The Astro Orbiter

This is located in Tomorrowland next to the people mover. Especially underrated at night, take the elevator up to this attraction where you will climb into a spaceship. Trust us, this ride is not just for kids. Enjoy the spectacular view of not only the park but also of the Contemporary Resort as well.


Tom Sawyers Island

We didn’t really enjoy the island on our first few trips to Magic Kingdom maybe due to it being too hot or just like many people who rush from attraction to attraction and seeing this as being “not exciting” but after finally taking the time to head over there we realized what we were missing all these years “the magic”.

This attraction brings you back to being a kid and playing for with your friends or building a tree house.  Now a must do for us every year we love to exploring the island and then stop on the rocking chairs to enjoy the view. Till this day, this always gives us the feeling of finally having “made it” to Disney World.


Living With The Land

Another attraction that’s not about fast moving or super exciting but always a must do for us when we visit Epcot. The best part of this attraction is viewing how they grow the plants the way they do and learning how they even incorporate them in the restaurants. It’s not only fun but educational as well.


The Bus Ride from Port Orleans Riverside ( Kidding but had to throw this one in there to see if you were paying attention)


The Carousel Of Progress

We love this attraction. One of the few attractions in the Magic Kingdom that Walt Disney actually worked on. Again, not the most exciting ride in the world but taking the 15 minutes to ride this and listen to the story behind it will for sure put a smile on your face. Plus if it’s a scorcher out there, this infamous attraction almost never has a long wait time.


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Hope the next time you visit Walt Disney World you take these into consideration and try them out. We think you’ll really enjoy them and will hopefully appreciate all that Disney has to offer.

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