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Episode #165: Bringing Disney Home For Halloween

Bringing Disney Home For Halloween On this week’s episode of Unlocking the Magic, we get into the Halloween spirit- Disney style. No one does Halloween better than Disney. It’s always the perfect mix of spooky villains and light-hearted humor such as the characters of ...Read More

Episode #152: Disney D23 Report

Disney D23 Report On this week’s show, we give you our “crash test dummy” version of the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. We share our thoughts about all the best Disney news and announcements but also give our overall feel of visiting the D23 ...Read More

Episode #132: Disney News and Rumors

Disney News and Rumors (well kinda) On today’s show, we discuss some pretty exciting Disney news that has been recently announced as well as an epic moment with Captain Jack Sparrow in Disneyland. We also have a little too much fun sharing our opinions ...Read More

Episode #130: Live From Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Live From Disney’s Contemporary Resort Surprise! We are broadcasting live from Disney’s Contemporary Resort! We couldn’t stand to be away for another minute so we packed everything up and drove the grueling 23 hours, 1,500 miles to get back to our home- Walt Disney ...Read More

Episode #129: 50’s PrimeTime Cafe Review

50’s PrimeTime Cafe Review Head with us to the past as we talk all about “grandma’s or mom’s kitchen.” The 50’s Prime Time Cafe restaurant feels like an attraction on its own with its great theming that really does take you back in time. ...Read More

Episode #128: Disney World News and Updates

Disney World News and Updates On this episode of Unlocking the Magic we dive into this week’s news and recent Disney announcements. We also clarify the new security procedures and an update to those Gondolas we had mentioned a while back. Very exciting! Things ...Read More

Episode #127: Walt Disney Deluxe Resorts Rated

Rating the Deluxe Resorts at Disney World All 8 deluxe resorts inside Walt Disney World are incredible. When booking a stay at any of these you can rest assure that your experience will be pretty spectacular. However, with so many to choose from it ...Read More