Episode #166: Celebrating 35 Years Of Epcot

Celebrating 35 Years Of Epcot

On this episode of Unlocking The Magic, we celebrate Walt Disney’s Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow or also known as Epcot. It’s hard to believe that it has been 35 years since Epcot first opened. Things have certainly changed throughout the years but the park continues to captivate our hearts from the moment we step towards the gate.

On today’s show, we each share our favorite Epcot memories,6 things that you must know about the park according to the D23 and discuss the future of this special place.


Family Memories:

Seeing Spaceship Earth for the very first time

I remember it like it was yesterday yet it was in August of 1987. We pulled up to Epcot and I could see the incredible geodesic dome in the distance. My heart filled with excitement and I was immediately inspired. All I could think about was the future is going to be one exciting place.


Dressing up for our family Epcot photo session

While this memory does not technically involve us being inside the park, it is special because it included the entire family.  


Discovering Chocolate Mousse in Italy

Chocolate and World Showcase, enough said.


The “Bus full of Characters” arriving in Epcot

Since the creation of the Character Spot this, unfortunately, is no longer done at Epcot but definitely remains a very special memory for the both of us.

Then, we discuss the 6 Epcot Details Every Disney Fan Should Know as recently shared on the D23 fan club. From a particular attractions involvement with the Guinness World Record to the original logos hidden throughout the park, there is so much about Epcot that we didn’t know!

Also, the Walt Disney Archives also celebrates by sharing an exhibit at The Walt Disney Studio Lot featuring past merchandise, memos from Walt Disney to Marty Sklar and more.

Lastly, we discuss the future of Epcot at its entirety. With many of our beloved (yet maybe corny) attractions bidding farewell (Captain EO, Ellen’s Energy of Adventure, Malestrom, etc)  the future of Epcot remains a mystery yet we remain optimistic. Change might not be easy for most of us but we both feel is necessary. Many exciting new attractions will soon unveil yet our hope is that the essence of the park with its tribute to both past, present, and future remains at the core.

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