Disney in 2018 What To Look Forward To

Disney in 2018 What To Look Forward To

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 was a great year for us  (epic?) but we are even more excited for 2018. There are so many wonderful things in store for the new year that we just can’t wait to get going. We have noticed a lot of people have been doing a year in review for 2017 but of course, we want to do something a little different so this episode is all about the many things we are looking forward to seeing in 2018 as well as some predictions and a few “wish list” items.

Things are looking forward to seeing or doing in 2018:

#1.The official countdown to our first UTM family cruise on Disney’s Dream. We cannot wait for the “Broadway caliber shows”, that infamous water slide and FINALLY getting the chance to visit Disney’s private island

#2. The 20th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Earth Day (April 22nd). Animal Kingdom has completely transformed itself with its newest addition, Pandora- World of Avatar and with staying open at night, it has become one of our favorite parks. Experiencing Expedition Everest at night is one of our favorite family memories.

#3. The opening of Toy Story Land and the overall vibe of Hollywood Studios once complete. The Slinky dog Coaster looks so cool from what we could see over the treetops during our last visit and we are super excited for the new addition.

#4. Avengers, Infinity War

Super excited to for this next Marvel installment and to see more of our favorite characters, Captain America and of course Nebula 😉

#5. Halloween in Disney

Halloween is a magical time inside Disney parks and this year we really want to visit Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. What’s better than the combination of Halloween and Disney villains?

#6 Another visit to Disneyland?

Of course, Walt Disney World has our hearts but we have also fallen in love with the nostalgia of Disneyland. We hope that in 2018 we will be able to once again snack on those wonderful Mickey bengeits and Mint Juleps in New Orleans Square.

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