Episode #162: Disney World Tiny Bucket List (You’ll understand)

Disney World Tiny Bucket List (You’ll understand)

One of our favorite things about going to Walt Disney World actually happens before the vacation even begins. The anticipation, the planning and the final countdown continues to be an exciting time for our whole family. On today’s show, we each share a few things that we are looking forward to doing on our upcoming trip.

Here are a few of the many things that we are looking forward to doing this November. Our trip bucket (tiny-bucket) list:

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

We are so looking forward to being legit guests at Disney’s Beach Club resort! We cannot wait to visit this deluxe category resort and not have to awkwardly stare over the pool fence. That incredible sand bottomed pool, Stormalong Bay, with the lazy river is where you will find us during most days on this vacation. The kids are beyond excited to ride the waterslide on the life sized shipwreck replica.

Pandora- The World of Avatar.

It probably goes without saying that we are super pumped to finally get the chance to see Pandora- The World of Avatar. We especially cannot wait to see the land during the evening when we anticipate the Magic is even more amazing. Animal Kingdom has definitely won over our hearts ever since they extended the park hours. Being there both during dusk and nightfall is absolutely breathtaking.



We have had heavy cravings of that mouth watering Chicken and waffles at Sleepy Hollow ever since our last trip. Just cannot wait to have it again and this time we are each getting our own! Absolutely no sharing! Lol

Boma- Flavors of Africa

This unique restaurant has such an incredible menu and atmosphere that it truly makes you feel that you have escaped to Africa. We are especially looking forward to tasting the flavors of Africa and taking advantage of the “all you care to enjoy” aspect.

Family time..

As the podcast and show continues to grow sometimes we get so busy that we lose sight of what started it all. It can be difficult at times to sort of practice what we discuss on the show. What we really mean when we talk about being slow paced is to remember to live in the moment and be mindful. We are truly looking forward to that family time.

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