Episode #157: Top 5 Roller Coasters in Disney

Top 5 Roller Coasters in Disney

This episode of Unlocking the Magic was inspired by national Roller coaster day. We absolutely love the blend of Disney’s magnificent storytelling and the thrilling drops of roller coasters.

On today’s show, we each share our top 5 must do coasters throughout Walt Disney World, Disneyland and California Adventure. From zipping through outer space to exploring an underground mine field there is definitely coaster for everyone to love.

Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom

While the Disneyland version is similar, the attraction inside the Magic Kingdom has always remained special to our hearts.

Big thunder railroad mountain, WDW

Going on this attraction makes us feel like kids again. If you can time it right and ride at night, the stars in the sky set the perfect scene. It’s an absolute blast.


Big thunder railroad mountain, Disneyland

Much smoother than its sister version in WDW we love this attraction for many reasons. The story told while the train speeds through the gold mine is always a blast “no pun intended” to be a part of.

Expedition Everest

This attraction is Disney storytelling at its finest. From the moment you enter the queue, you are immersed. Be sure to ride both day and night for a totally different experience.


The classic Disneyland attraction is always a must do first thing in the am. The blend of nostalgic and modern technology makes it such a great experience for the whole family. *One ultimate tip to keep in mind though is to be sure to keep proper posture and sit slightly forward while on the attraction for a smooth ride. Trust us.

Kids picks :

Rockin roller coaster, California Screamin, Expedition Everest  


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