Episode #26: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- Unlocked

Tower of TerrorUnlocked

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- Unlocked

The Tower of Terror is exactly how you would expect…. absolutely terrifying LOL. The attraction, which is based on the popular television series from the late 1950’s is so terrifying, that our now teenage (-eek!) daughter still won’t go near it after having gone on the attraction at age 10!

The Hollywood Tower Hotel, located inside Disney’s Hollywood studios, glows in the distance and seems to have a ghostly, magnetic pull that draws you inside.

 Upon “checking in” at the hotel, you feel as if time stood still during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Disney cast members “tell the story” seamlessly throughout the attraction and by the time you enter the unlucky elevator, you really feel as if you are doomed.

What to listen for:

  • Why our teenager won’t go back
  • What makes this attraction so terrifying
  • Fast Pass yes or no?
  • Where is the most thrilling seat on the ride
  • The must see movie based on this attraction
  • When and where to take pictures

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