Extinct Attractions We Want Back

Extinct Attractions We Want Back

On this episode of Unlocking the Magic, we go back in time and revisit some incredible yet extinct attractions that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We also discuss a few infamous attractions in both Disneyland and in Walt Disney World that we never had the opportunity to experience but have some fun imagining having visited.


“If we can dream it,we can do it”

Horizons was an attraction that celebrated the future and family with the core belief that if we can dream it, we can do it. It was such a great message filled with hope, wonder and a prosperous future. This for me, was exactly what Epcot Center was all about.

Studio Backlot Tour

This incredible attraction was referenced by many as the core of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (or MGM Studios) as it actually brought you through to working sound stages highlighting the magic of movie making. Most memorable for me was touring the costuming department and Residential Street, a residential neighborhood which was known for its appearances in many movies, tv shows and most notably in the Golden Girls.

The Great Movie Ride

This centerpiece attraction of Hollywood Studios was located inside the iconic Chinese Theater and will forever remain in our hearts. The attraction was a fun way to relive the golden era of old Hollywood and a great reminder of where it all got started.


Bodywars was an intense motion thrill ride that brought you right through the human body. Definitely ahead of its time, the state of the art simulator seemed to be an exciting way to blend an attraction with science (apparently as long as you could stomach the ick factor).


Okay so admittingly this attraction was probably not something we could go on repeatability as our fear of heights would for sure kick in high gear but how insanely cool would it have been to ride through the skies of Disneyland and then right through the Matterhorn?!

House of  the Future, Disneyland

The Monsanto House of the Future was the centerpiece of Tomorrowland providing guests with the exciting glimpse of the future home. The 1200 square foot pod- like structure was thoughtfully designed by Walt Disney Imagineers, Monsanto Company and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Delta Dream Flight

Sponsored by Delta Airlines, this attraction took guests through the history of and future of aviation in an educational yet exciting way.

Flying Saucers, Disneyland

If you watch any vintage clip of Disneyland this attraction would definitely pop up. These were individual saucers that seemed to float on a cushion of air  (think air hockey meets bumper cars) and looked so fun. That said, there was a few quirks, one being that if you exceeded the weight limit then your saucer would remain idle.

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