Kingdom Strollers


Stroller Rentals At Walt Disney World

When we team up with a service provider on the show or suggest them to our listeners, we want to make sure that they are really a business that we would use ourselves.

Matt from Kingdom Strollers is one we really wish we knew about long ago. Kingdom Strollers is a premium stroller rental service that will deliver strollers right to your hotel and then, when you’re all done they’ll pick them up.

This episode is more about the story behind how Matt started the company and the why behind it. We hope that after listening to this episode you’ll visit kingdom strollers and take a look at what they can help you with on your next trip.

What To Listen For:

  • How Matt started the company
  • What Kingdom Strollers offers
  • How the process works
  • The cost of stroller rentals
  • What happens if you lose your stroller
  • How to book a rental
  • Why Bruce wanted an adult size stroller

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