Episode #179: Reasons We Love Staying On Disney Property

Reasons We Love Staying On Disney Property

While there are plenty of wonderful hotels in Orlando Florida, there’s nothing like staying at a Walt Disney World Resort. Being immersed in the Disney experience never seems to lose its luster for us and we continue to countdown the days until our next visit.

On this episode, we share the reasons why we love staying on property and things we look forward to when visiting. Be sure to listen towards the end of the show where Bruce brainstorms a new business idea that is sure to be a big hit.


Reasons Why We Love Staying On Property:

The Disney service. In other words, no “sketchy-ness” LOL

Let’s be honest, it can be nerve-wracking trying to secure a hotel online with those big travel sites. Relying on reviews and the fear of the unknown is always unsettling for us. With a stay at a Disney resort, no matter the category, there is always a level of comfort knowing you will be taken care of.

The Pools

Disney is all about storytelling. Their resorts are themed according to the story told and the pools add another incredible element to that story. The pools are always so much fun and a great way to spend the day.

Making New Friends

Ok so Connie may be alone on this but it is so fun being at a place where everyone seems to have something in common- their love for Disney. Being surrounded by Disney fans is the best and easiest way to make new best friends.

The Magical Express

If you are a regular listener to the show, you probably already know all about our love for renting a car. That said however, it is zero fun renting a car at the airport. Especially since the Disney’s Magical Express picks up guests right at that same location. We watch tearfully as all the happy guests board the luxury bus while we are waiting in the endless car rental line. The Magical Express swiftly transports you right to your Disney resort and is always a great way to begin your vacation especially after a long day of traveling.


Wearing the Magic Bands and being at a Walt Disney resort makes you feel like you belong to an exclusive club. While you are able to purchase bands without technically staying at a resort, it’s definitely not the same feeling.

THE Refillable mug

The ability to grab a drink whenever we want is a huge reason why we love staying on property. Even though they aren’t necessarily included with a stay (unless you are on the dining plan), we love having them and the ease it allows us to have.

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