Top 5 Dining Plan Tips

Disney Dining Tips

Top 5 Disney Dining Plan Tips for Beginners

  1. Make advanced dining reservations.

Sounds simple enough but the most popular restaurants book up fast and in order to really make the most out of your dining plan you would want to dine at these great places. Try to plan out your park days ahead of time so you can pick your restaurants accordingly.

*Quick tip– don’t waste time getting to your reservation time early and expecting to be seated sooner. If the reservation says 7pm, you will be expected at 7pm sharp and not a minute sooner. This has happened to us a few times 😉


  1. Be sure to grab your Disney Mug asap…before you are ready to order your first meal.

These are the cute refillable mugs you receive when on the dining plan and are found at the quick service areas of your resort. There are a variety of colors and also serve as a great souvenir for bringing back home.

It’s important to grab ahead of time as you want to take it to the “wash station” (areas designated for washing the mugs) before filling which is hard to do with a tray of food.


  1. Split quick service meals…the portions are huge and even come with a mandatory desert!

This is especially important if you have kids that are are old enough to be considered adults on the dining plan (age 10 and up) but do not have an appetite quite like an adult. This can only be done with quick service meals but you can really stretch your dining plan this way.


  1. Don’t forget to include gratuity.

It’s important to remember that although you have prepaid your dining, gratuity is not included with your meal. The exceptions are Cinderella’s Royal Table, in-room pizza delivery, in-room dining (room service), Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, and the Spirit of Aloha dinner show which tips are included.


  1. Use your snack credits wisely.

So many people use their snack credits for small inexpensive items such as bottled waters or popcorn. Pay out of pocket if needed for those and use snack credits for the better offerings 🙂


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