Episode #30: Top places to take pictures in Walt Disney World

Best places to take photos 

Top places to take pictures in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has many designated (kodak photo spots) areas to take incredible photos. The parks even list these areas on their maps for easy finding.  Of course, memory maker also takes the ease from taking photos but many just don’t have it in their budget.  

We wanted to share with you our favorite places to take pictures that are a bit more “out of the box” and are just as beautiful -if not more! Some of these require a bit of pre planning but we think the effort will definitely be worthwhile and provide you with great memories when you arrive back home.

The Boardwalk Bridge 

The Boardwalk is a beautiful place to visit during the evening.  The bridge overlooking the Swan and Dolphin Hotel is one of our favorite areas to take beautiful resort- like photos of the family. The neatly lined palm trees and the strategic lighting provides the perfect backdrop for great photos.



Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios

Even though the iconic Mickey hat is long gone, there are still plenty of places to take great photos. Sunset Boulevard is by far, one of our favorites. Whether you are capturing photos during the day or the night, they are always bound to come out exceptionally beautiful. The lights during the evening make the Boulevard shine and during the day, the Hollywood Tower stands out like a piece of art in front of the Florida blue sky. 



The California Grill

You will need reservations for this top photo area but trust us, it will be well worth it. The balcony provides the perfect backdrop of the Magic Kingdom.

Japan, Epcot

There are many, many places to take photos inside Epcot but this little hidden photo op gem is a super fun way to capture memories of Epcot and it’s landmark.



Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Magic Kingdom

In my opinion, you are never too old to ride Dumbo. The new attraction in the New Fantasyland brings a whole different kind of experience than the original. The evening is the best time to visit as the fountain and lights that surround the attraction make the pictures come alive.

Leapfrog fountains, Epcot

The leaping fountains in Epcot are mesmerizing. The pictures always come out great but just be sure you are not the one standing in the way of the water line lol!

The Contemporary Hotel Mickey

This large Mickey is found near the pools at the Contemporary Hotel. It has been a family tradition of ours to recreate the photos as the kids grow. 


Club Cool, Epcot

Club Cool in Epcot is a fun spot for kids and adults. Have the camera ready for some great action shots of the expressions while trying some unique soda flavors around the world.


Grand Floridian, during the Holidays (whoops forgot to talk about this one on the show!)

The Grand Floridian is one of the most beautiful resorts in Walt Disney World. There are many areas to take great photos. Our favorite is in the lobby during the holidays. The Floridian bakers create an amazing work of art with a life sized Gingerbread house. 


Hope you found this informative and it inspires you to think out of the box on your vacation. Pictures are a great way to remember the fun but be sure to step away from the camera every once and a while to enjoy the moment.  

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