Episode #164: Unlocking Main Street USA

Unlocking Main Street USA

On this episode of Unlocking the Magic, we are going to virtually walk right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A. to discover the secrets, hidden jewels and of course, “unlock the magic”. We talk about what makes this “street” so special and why you really need to take your time wandering through. From the Main Street Fire House to the infamous Windows, there is so much to see.

Main Street U.S.A. is actually not a true representation of any town but a cheerful town that represents a great, big beautiful tomorrow with a “homey”  and nostalgic feel.  

Walt famously said, “Main street is EVERYONE’S hometown, the heartline of America”

Main Street U.S.A. is often considered to be the opening show or opening credits for the Magic Kingdom. The Walt Disney Railroad Station, with its rich and elegant architecture, acts like a curtain unveiling the show.

As you enter the Magic Kingdom walking under the tunnel, the sound dims then immediately upon exiting the music heightens and suddenly find yourself immersed in the time gone by, in a welcoming town with rich, vibrant atmosphere.

Here, you will find that you have entered a real working town with residents and businesses. There’s a city hall (town square), a Mayor, fire station, restaurants and businesses like the barbershop. Featuring more of a New England style, the rich architecture and colors represent an early 20th-century small town.

Be sure to head to the center of Town Square where you will find a statue of what you may initially think is Walt Disney but is actually the Minnie Mouse and Roy Disney statue known as Sharing the Magic.

It reads:

Sharing the magic dedicated to Roy o Disney co-founder of the WDW company in 1923, Walt and his brother Roy O. Disney pulled their resources Walt’s creative vision and Roy’s business sense to form their own cartoon studio. Together they successfully pioneered many new avenues in family entertainment. Roy O Disney completed his brothers last and greatest dream, the creation of the Walt Disney World resort and dedicated the Magic Kingdom on this site on October 25th, 1971.

Join us as we discuss the way we like to roam Main Street U.S.A. as well as the future and the new addition expected to be constructed.

Things to listen for:

  • How to be mindful of your surroundings
  • What our youngest loves most about Main Street U.S.A.
  • What not to do when riding the train around the park
  • The “movie credits” and Windows of Main Street

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