Unlocking Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth at Epcot Unlocked

This iconic structure opened in 1982 and continues to impress us each time we visit Epcot. On today’s show we take you back to the beginning when it was just a concept to unlock the history in the making.

It is no secret that the idea of EPCOT was very near and dear to Walt Disney’s heart. John Hench, an early artist that worked hand in hand with Walt himself, helped conceptualize EPCOT and EPCOT Center.

Believe it or not, Imagineers originally intended this to be a dome-shaped attraction, however, WED enterprises really wanted to push the envelope and create a full sphere structure for a show stopping, Epic symbol of EPCOT. 

A very important mastermind and influence was an actual scientist named Buckminster Fuller who patented the design of a “Geodesic” dome in 1951 and even published a book called, “Operating manual for spaceship earth”

Disney Imagineers worked with science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury on its structure and storyline and even brought in engineers from MIT to help with this unique GEOSPHERE design. 

Inside the attraction, you may or may not notice (took us a while lol) that the theme is about communications. In order to make sure that the facts inside the attraction were correct WED met with Los Angeles’ Huntington Library, the University of Southern California, the University of Chicago, and the Smithsonian Institute. There is even a 63- piece orchestra and 24 voice choir that transitions through each scene seamlessly with instruments appropriate to the era.



Spaceship Earth is incredibly tall at 180 Feet Tall


The entire “geosphere” of Spaceship Earth was thoughtfully designed with a unique gutter system to absorb rainfall!



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