Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress-Unlocked

Episode #59

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress-Unlocked

On today’s show, we unlock some of the magic inside one of Walt Disney’s most iconic attractions, Carousel of Progress. This attraction is a family favorite and we simply must visit each time we go to WDW.

Although some may say the ride itself can feel a bit outdated (worn theatre seats) we feel that this adds to the nostalgia. We love that we can actually experience something that Walt himself created. Especially since most are in Disneyland.

This attraction was personally built by Walt Disney himself for the New York’s World Fair. Then called Progress Land with the theme song written by the now infamous Sherman brothers, the show was an instant hit.

The attraction was renamed Carousel of Progress and moved to Disneyland in 1967 which remained there until 1973. It wasn’t until 1975 where it finally ended up in Walt Disney World. Hooray! 😉

Things to listen for:

  • Did you know the famous theme song was once changed?
  • The connection between Carousel of Progress and The Tiki Room
  • What makes this attraction so special for our family
  • Hidden Mickeys

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